On the Bookshelf Author Tamara Jacobs helps plan your success with ‘Your Ultimate Success Plan’

By John K. Adams

CEOs don’t stumble into their jobs. Success is a planned event. Successful people (CEO or not) make their destiny by choosing consciously.

Best-selling author and executive coach, Tamara Jacobs says, “People want to be recognized, rewarded or promoted.” What stops them?

People are seeking insight, but not everyone can afford a private Jacobs executive coaching session. Fortunately, her new book, Your Ultimate Success Plan: Stop Holding Yourself Back and Get Recognized, Rewarded and Promoted will provide you with the system to generate your own plan.

Jacobs says executives learn to say “no” to protect their power. “Saying ‘no’ buys them time. Saying ‘no’ is safe.” Saying ‘no’ is a powerful stance.

However, if you are powerless and saying “no” then you are probably saying it to yourself. Where does repeatedly telling yourself “no’’ lead? No-where.

“The most important ‘no’ we must overcome is the one in our heads,” says Jacobs. “This book is aimed at anyone who wants to get past that ‘no.’”

Your Ultimate Success Plan effectively teaches you to plan your success through a series of interactive exercises. By the end of this process, you possess your personally tailored success plan… in your own words. “You write your own book while reading mine,” says Jacobs. Sounds like a plan.

“One definition of leadership is to be more open to ‘yes’ and less afraid of ‘no,’” says Jacobs. “Success starts with our telling ourselves ‘yes.’ By being more open to ‘yes,’ people can know their worth, become fearless and more able to make choices. By saying ‘yes,’ we give ourselves permission to fail, to start again and challenge the status quo.”

Jacobs’ executive client list reads like the members of the Fortune 500: Bayer, Merrill-Lynch, Revlon and many more.

“Your Ultimate Success Plan: Stop Holding Yourself Back and Get Recognized, Rewarded and Promoted” is available on TamaraJacobs.com, Amazon.com and anywhere books are sold.

This interview originally appeared in the Tolucan Times on 5/16/16.