Storyography Captures Life’s Love and Laughter

Guest Post from the Tolucan Times, by John Cobb 11/18/15

What was it like, Grandpa? Please tell me again?

Every family has a culture, history, and values embedded in the stories we pass along.

Family trees and old pictures are fine. But how can we keep favorite stories alive, told by people we actually know? Who can breathe life into those images?

You know, those stories that make everyone laugh, or cry. You’ve heard them a million times. Who can tell them like Dad, or Nana can? They lived it, and lived to tell it their way, how it really happened.

No one can stop time. But hearing those stories again, slows it just a little.

“Oh, to hear her tell it again…”

Storyography Video Memoir Services, provides the opportunity to create a video memoir, and keep those stories alive permanently.

Whether it is Grandpa telling how he got his start, Mom recounting your childhood misadventures, or reliving memories of a beloved pet, Storyography records, edits and packages your video memoir for you and your loved ones to enjoy forever.

Everyone’s story deserves telling. What will you share?

Storyography is operated by Emmy-winning editor, John Adams. He provides a list of prompts to assist the client in choosing which memories to share.

Then the subject tells about the love and laughter of his/her life in the comfort of home. This relaxed conversation is captured on video.

After editing, Mr. Adams delivers a permanent copy, about ninety minutes of that recording session, for keeping and sharing.

You own the material. Your privacy is respected. The cost is affordable.

A 10% discount on all contracted services is available to Veterans of the United States Armed Forces, or members of the Joslyn Senior Center.

Storyography Video Memoir Services can be reached by phone at: (818)209-1738.

Or visit: for additional information.